Jason "JT" Tozier

Mr. Tozier specializes in a Deaf perspective on hate crimes, Deaf returnees (newly-released prison inmates), social justice, Deaf Studies, and criminal-justice reform. He will address these issues.

We live in a culture of fear. What we now identify as "hate crime" has been part of our culture for centuries, only it wasn't recognized. The real work comes once we have gained awareness about hate crimes. Learn about hate crimes and share your experiences; these experiences can be transformative. Every university has at least one professor who's been seriously pondering these questions.

In her article "Deaf Studies in the Year 2000: New Directions," MJ Bienvenu wrote, “We need to ask a larger question.....Why do we need Deaf Studies?”

Lack of knowledge about hate crimes continues to be a problem. First and foremost is the understanding that hate crime requires competency in at least two languages in this matter: American Sign Language (ASL) and written English. Participating in activism requires competency in ASL at a certain level. This is important so we can join our cause to the welfare of the Deaf community, create a healthy society, and challenge hate crime.

One goal of this lecture is to provide the information and support we need to make this transition to a new way of thinking. Another goal is to provide people with high-quality knowledge that promotes transformative work, advancements in cultural competency, and inclusion. Training focuses on how to stop unconscious bias. My approach is with a compassionate style that is both accessible and enlightening. I will provide a basic understanding of hate crime against not only ASL, but also against Deaf people.

If you like what you see, let's start supporting advocacy and transformative groundwork. The Deaf community should be loaded with leading-edge information that can effectively address the hate crimes facing Deaf people everyday. Examples can include spaces, a never-before-used space, learning to think outside the box. Just think of how more awareness can change your way of thinking, and your life.

Lecturer Jason "JT" Tozier

Lecturer Jason "JT" Tozier


Past Lectures:

Fighting the Fires of Hate: Deaf America in Crisis. Busboys and Poets. 2018.

Public Art: Understanding Hate Crimes Through Deaf Eyes. Gallaudet University. 2018.

Journey Through Hate Exploring The Survivorship of the Deaf. Gallaudet University. 2017.

Change the World: The Meaning of Social Justice for Deaf Returning Citizens. Gallaudet University. 2017.

Audism Theory: Racism and the   Hidden Meaning. Ontario Association of the Deaf. Canada. 2012.

And many more.

For Your Eyes Only: Hate Crime is Real in Deaf Community. Gallaudet University. 2017.

Deaf Returning Citizens as Forgotten People. California State University Northridge. 2015.

Hate Crimes in the Deaf Community. Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes and City of Portland Office of Human Relations. Portland, Oregon. 2010.



Fighting the Fires of Hate: Deaf America in Crisis

Isn’t Hate Crime Invisible in Deaf Community?

Hearing Therapists: Clinical Decision Making for Deaf People

RID: Who Speaks for Deaf Community?

The Discussion of Second Chances: Deaf Returnees

Allegory of Deaf Returnees: The Opposite of Hate

Deaf Community: Rehabilitation Over Retribution

A Deaf Returnee's Journey: 22 Years Later

Why Registry of the Interpreters for the Deaf Allow Language Hegemony?

Treatment of Suicidal Deaf People

The Consequences of Restaurant Audism

Human Rights Day: Deaf Returned Citizens Still are Marginalized at Gallaudet University

The Stigma of a Deaf Returned Citizen

Suicide is a Big Problem in Deaf Community

Righting a Wrong: Racism, Audism, Starbucks, and Us

In the Name of Deaf Hate Crime: Time to Stop Silence!

For Your Eyes Only: Hate is Real

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Mainstream Surdophobia

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From Rejection of Deaf People in Hollywood Industry

Lisa Lampanelli: Queen of Hate-Monger in Deaf Community

And many more......


I felt you brought up something very valid that the Deaf community must be aware of & take actions on. I hope you continue your work to have the present hate crime laws cover the Deaf as well.
— Deaf Anonymous
Jason Tozier is a dedicated advocate for social justice and civil rights for Deaf people, especially Deaf returning citizens. The latter group is an often overlooked one and Jason’s work is much needed. We all can learn from the insight and perspective Jason offers.
— Dr. Candace A. McCullough, CEO, Deaf Counseling Center
I have worked with JT for around three years, and find him to be a passionate and outspoken advocate for Deaf people’s rights—for prisoners, interpreting clients, employees, people of color, and all those who are too often marginalized. He draws on his own experience as an unwillingly “mainstreamed” schoolchild, ASL speaker, and fight for his rights. He detests hypocrisy, doublespeak, corporate BS, and oppression. Our community needs more advocates like him.
— Matthew Moore, Founder and President of MSM Productions, Ltd.
I have known Jason for well over a decade and have always found him to be a champion for Deaf rights and social justice for the Deaf community. I am an avid follower of his blog and often see colleagues sharing and discussing his works on social media. He often discusses the “hot topics” facing the Deaf community and draws participants into productive discussions that will ultimately benefit his community. We are all fortunate to have a such a powerful advocate
— Shonna Magee Hudson, MRC. NIC: Master, CI, CT, OTC
Mr. Tozier has great insight of today’s problems rooted in the youths’ growing up experience. It is for a fact the main issues of adult interactions that have started at very early ages. JT addresses this hot button very clearly, especially from a Deaf adult’s perspective. With his guidance, world solutions may be discovered sooner!
— Rusty Wales, Retired Executive Director, Southwestern Washington Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Jason Tozier is a rare find. He mixes passion and intellect in a search for real world solutions. I believe he would do important work.
— Randy Blazak, Hate Crime Professor
Typically, I am impressed with students who can synthesize complex academic theories at the Graduate level. Jason’s thirst for knowledge and passion for reading complex texts gives him this ability naturally, without the training most advanced students require to be capable of this level of comprehension.

To make this trait even more powerful and effective, Jason grounds his academic intellect in his personal experiences, which at times would make the average person give up.
— Aimee Clott, Conflict of Resolution Expert
Jason is a unique writer. I have always enjoyed reading his articles with that I do not always agree. He has given his critical arguments that make us think hard and also provoke some of us. His concerns about injustice make him persuade us to recognize. His number one goal is to encourage readers to get involved in critical dialogues. He is a writer who is willing to take any critics or challenges to raise more awareness about injustice.
— David Kerr, reader


Payment: An award of per diem and honorarium fee for the participation for lectures and workshops may be made by your association, institution or organization provided that the budget of the activity for which payment is offered has been negotiated and approved.

Lecture will necessitate travel accommodation and per diem allowance for presenter, there may be two presenters. The honorarium will be accepted but not required, if your association, institution, or organization offers it to the lecturer(s).



Contact: aslhatecrimechannel@gmail.com about lecture engagements.

Lecturer's aim to bring into awareness-solving, create new ideas and a better individual.




Who is Jason "JT" Tozier?

Jason Tozier has been Deaf all his life in Pacific Northwest. In his journey of Deafhood, he has been discovering two most important things in his life--American Sign Language and state of being Deaf as his own human rights. Being Deaf has open Jason's mind and heart to the world. Sociology was a life-changer in his academic studies. His experience has helped him to challenge injustice. His proudest achievement was to help hate-crime law protecting Deaf Oregonians was passed in 2012.

In his spare time, he likes to play cribbage, chess, to be into literature, great discussions, blogging, outdoors, and of course, lecturing.

He is Chair of Deaf Political Action Committee--District of Columbia Chapter, Chair of National Deaf Consumers United, Director for the We the Deaf People, Inc's District of Columbia Chapter, member of National Deaf Task Force on Police and Emergency Services, Chair of National Deaf Patient Care Council-D.C.; and Founder of Deaf Access Justice.